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Strain Gauge Selection

Selection of Strain Gauge is the MAJOR part in Stress Analysis, because accurate strain will be obtained when Grid of the Strain Gauge is suitable with line of Force. In this Gauge Pattern, Grid length & width, STC code Creep Code & Backing material is consider.

Second part of this Technology is related to perfect bond between Strain Gauge & Job to obtain Effective Strain.

A thin foil type strain gage is a sensor whose resistance varies with stretch (Increase Resistance) & Contraction (Decrease Resistance) based on the applied force to strain gauge through specimen (under test job), where Strain Gauge is bonded in line of high strain area.

This Change of Resistance (Delta R) is due to change in length of Strain Gauge (through Specimen), is measured by Electronics Strain Meter.

While static Stress on Test Material is applied, Strain is developing axial as well angular to the direction of applied Force & based on design of structure. When we apply dynamic Force, axial line will change non-predictably. Hence for Strain Gauges are also available with different Pattern (See photos as below) depend on applications.


Generally Linear Pattern

Generally linear pattern (as below) single element gauge is used where unidirectional force is applied

Rossette Pattern

Rossette pattern (as below) is used with 3 Gauge at 45 & 120 degree, where dynamic force comes (directions of the principal axes are not known from other considerations) on high stress area. 60 & 90 degree also available.

Stacked Pattern

Stacked Rossette Pattern (as below) is also available to suit application. This pattern having 90 & 45 degree of Grid of gauge Different Gauge length is also available to suit application to measure strain.

45 Degree Grid Pattern

45 degree grid Pattern (as below) is use to detect SHEAR STRAIN, Single or dual grid is use as per the application.

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